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  • What is the Zoning Ordinance?

    The Zoning Ordinance is the adopted law of the Borough that regulates land use, growth, and development. It divides the Borough into different zoning districts. The zoning district regulations generally govern the types of uses and the location and size of development in each district. The Zoning Ordinance also includes provisions that establish the procedures for how development proposals are reviewed and approved or denied, as well as standards that govern the form and quality of development such as standards for parking, landscaping, building location, and form. A link to the Borough's current Zoning Ordinance can be found under the Work Products tab of this site.

  • Why rewrite the Zoning Ordinance?

    State College's current Zoning Ordinance is now out-of-date. Over the years it has been amended numerous times, and consequently the regulations are not well-organized or user-friendly. Furthermore, they no longer reflect best practices of modern planning and zoning techniques, and do not reflect recent policy direction found in Borough plans. The purpose of the update project is to address all these issues, resulting in 21st Century regulations that are easier to use, streamlined, and tailored according to the Borough's future vision and development goals.

  • How long will the project take?

    The project is expected to take 24-30 months to complete.

  • Who is managing the project?

    The project is being conducted under the direction of the Borough's Planning and Community Development Department, with assistance from Clarion Associates and Clarion/Samuels.

  • Where can I get copies of project documents?

    The Work Products page of this website will be updated regularly to include links to all documents produced as part of this effort, and supporting information.

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frequently asked questions